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ProHealth Training uses and recommends the 'EasyOne' range of spirometers. Recently there have been some quite significant advances in this already excellent product and we suggest that if you are considering the purchase of a new spirometer, then it would be well worth your while to make a point of taking a look and assessing the EasyOn and easy-One ranges: in particular, the Easy- On-PC and Easy-One AIr. Both products incorporate features that make them highly suitable for spirometry in general practice and occupational health. In addition, both products competitively priced, an important consideration. ProHealth Training spirometers are supplied by: niche Medical www.nichemedical.com.au Niche Medical is a very knowledgeable and responsive company, and this in combination with the range of spirometry products that they offer, means that ProHealth Training is able to recommend Niche without hesitation.
Easy-On-PC PC With Laptop